Available for free - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 01/27/18



Free di Mauro's Autobiography Life of an Artist is free to download in two versions. Also available for free suiting the era is a Unique Chaise Lounge Recliner DIY project. As well sitting looking and thinking is free. http://www.dannydanieldimauro.ca/free-chaise-lounge-recliner-plans.html http://www.dannydanieldimauro.ca/life-of-an-artist.html Showing only not free, Modern Serendipitous Artworks by di Mauro Photo’s #1 Title: 2015, 18 x 18-inch Acrylic on wood #2 Title: Midnight Sun, 23 x 40-inch Mix on wood …..[Also known as Mount Fuji] #3 Title: Don’t Think, 23 x 40-inch Acrylic on wood #4 Title: December 2017, 23 x 49-inch Mix on wood

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