10 Most Downloaded Tracks 2017/Allaboutjazz/Tony Adamo/Roger Smith Tower Of Power - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 01/02/18


10 Most Downloaded Tracks: 2017 Michael Ricci By MICHAEL RICCI December 31, 2017 Ayo Roger, You made It happen. See ya on the 9th/Jan/18 Rain Man/Make It Rain Love My Way (5:17) @#2 Tony Adamo/Roger Smith From: Rain Man "Make It Rain Love My Way" (Urbanzonerecords) Featured: 2017-07-31 67,100 downloadshttps://www.allaboutjazz.com/top-10-most-downloaded-tracks-2017-by-michael-ricci.php Ayo Mighty people of the net. Happy Nu Year and please dig Scott Yanow's Music Review of TONY ADAMO & THE NEW YOUR CREW. Now in the L.A. Jazz Scene as of today.http://www.lajazzscene.buzz/waxing.html Tony Adamo- Vocal/Hipspoken Word/All lyrics Mike Clark- Music Producer,Drummer Lenny White-Drums/Music Mix Tim Ouimette- Music & Horn Arrangements/Music Mastering Michael Wolff- Piano Donald Harrison- Alto Sax Richie Goods-Bass Bill Summers-Percussion JC Santalis- Recording Engineer/ Guitar?http://www.jazzcorner.com/news/display.php?news=8400https://media.allaboutjazz.com/media.php?id=11133http://www.lajazzscene.buzz/waxing.html

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