Kindness4Smiles 7DaysOfSmiles SmilesChallenge - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 12/14/17


#Kindness4Smiles (7DaysOfSmiles) #SmilesChallenge Here's how it works!Step 1 Commit to 7 days! Showing kindness to strangers and getting them to smile or laugh is the goal! Focusing on someone else is what this is about!Step 2 Getting one smile a day is the goal! If you get a laugh that's even better!Step 3 Challenge someone else! Explain what you are doing and ask them to join you!Step 4 Share your experiences! You'll be amazed at the smiles and laughs this can create! Follow Us on Twitter: @7DaysOfSmiles / #7DaysOfSmiles / #Kindness4Smiles / #SmilesChallenge / #KindnessIsLOVE "Like" Us on Webpage:

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