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Posted on: 12/10/17


SCRIPTWRITING CLASSES That Movie In Your Head Won't Write Itself! Learn How to Write a Feature Film/TV Series From A Professional Scriptwriter! (Mark's film credits) CLASSES ARE ONGOING and RUN EVERY 8-10 WEEKS. These writing classes are through IVC Continuing Education: REGISTER ON COMMUNITY ED WEBSITECall IVC Community Ed (949) 451-5555 if the information is not yet on the website. You can also REPLY to this ad, or leave a voicemail here: (949) 274-8392. PLEASE NOTE! Classrooms are at times fluid.In other words you may not find us at the classroom listed here on the night of class (or the one listed in the online catalog at IF YOU CAN'T FIND US ON CAMPUS please call IVC campus police at (949) 451-5200 and ask them for the information but PLEASE MENTION the class is through COMMUNITY EDUCATION NOT the main college. THIS SEMESTER & NEXT (AS OF THIS WRITING) WE ARE IN A203! Also, go to this website and use the CONTACT FORM if you have any questions. Or go to the Orange County Screenwriters Association Website HERE Learn how to write a script but more importantly learn techniques on how to tell a complete and compelling story! INTRO TO SCRIPTWRITINGThursday nights 6:30pm-9:30pm (normally 8-9 sessions) INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED SCRIPTWRITING Tuesday nights 6:30pm-9:30pm (normally 10-11 sessions) - FALL 2017 -October 5th, 2017 - December 7th, 2017 (9 sessions)SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS NO CLASSES THANKSGIVING WEEK Once students finish this class they can then matriculate into the Intermediate semester/workshop which is ongoing. - WINTER 2018 -Coming soon - FALL 2017 - October 3th, 2017 - December 19th, 2017 (11 sessions)SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS NO CLASSES THANKSGIVING WEEK This is an ongoing class/workshop with students woring on material already in progress or new material of their own. It is ongoing and never stops. - WINTER 2018 -Coming soon INTRO INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED This class starts at the very beginning. Don't know anything about scriptwriting? Or writing in general? Perfect - sign up! The course is on rails, programmed to teach anyone, regardless of experience or ability, how to start to understand the principals of storytelling. Student write the very first week! This class will take you from not understanding anything about scriptwriting to working on your original material in 8 weeks! No advanced knowledge of writing or scriptwriting is required. Just bring your deisre to learn. This class continues and enhances the Intro experience. Also, students from other semesters join in a workshop to hone the material and provide incisive peer review. It is 85% Workshop and 15% Lecture. It is a dynamic, writers-room type of energy each week that allows the individual writer to accomplish the goal of finishing and polishing a script. Students submit and critique each other's material gaining crucial skills for scriptwriting and writing in general. EACH WEEK! Writing assignments are reviewed. A movie is assigned and broken down. A lecture on story principals is done. Scenes Scene sequences Dialogue Action Story Structure Theme Formatting For The Screen (very easy and simple) And more - are covered completely in class. This is a dynamic, interactive workshop-based class that puts you firmly on the road to your dreams of writing a movie. EACH WEEK! A movie is assigned and broken down. Student work is reviewed and discussed. A lecture on advanced principals is done. Fundamentals are reviewed and enhanced. Marketing and real world experiece is reviewed with an emphasis on what's working now! Various techniques are illustrated real time with video examples. WORKSHOP! WORKSHOP! WORKSHOP! If you have a work-in-progress or are continuing from the Intro class this is the place for you! Classroom: A203 - in the A200 Building Classroom: A203 - in the A200 Building The classroom may change. Call (949) 274-8392 or the school at (949) 451-5555 if you can't find us. The classroom may change. Call (949) 274-8392 or the school at (949) 451-5555 if you can't find us. ABOUT MARK SEVI (please see for Mark's film credits if link doesn't work) 30+ scripts sold, 19 movies produced including "Devil's Knot" with Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth Numerous articles on Screenwriting for Writer’s Digest, Salon. com and various other pubs, and contributor to various books on scriptwriting. Featured speaker at writing conferences and colleges. Teaching screenwriting for 15+ years. President and founder of The Orange County Screenwriters Association. Active in the industry professionally and academically for over 20 years. QUESTIONS? You can go to MarkSevi.Com and use the contact form to send a message. Or reply through this ad. Call 949.451.5555 or 949-274-8392 or send an email (using above REPLY link) through this ad or leave a message on REMEMBER TO GET A PARKING STICKER! There is no "amnesty" for new students. Parking passes for community ed students can also be obtained through campus police department on campus, in person.IVC Campus Map: HERE

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