Sushi Party Class -Fri 12/22 at 7pm- West LA - Bring Beer/Friends! We make SAUCES! HOLIDAY FUN - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 12/16/17


Sushi Making Class $100 Per Person Fri, 12/22/17 7-9:30pm OR Sat, 1/20/18 7-9:30pm OR Sat, 3/17/18 3:30-6pm Learn the creative art of Sushi Making as we design an Asian meal for you and your friends. Learn how to display and serve them decoratively with the Garnishes and Sauces that we make. We show you how to make: • Traditional Sushi Rice • Variety of Sushi Rolls (Nori) • Varieties of Sushi on Rice (Nigiri) • Vegetable Rolls and Spicy Sushi Rolls • Pickled Cucumbers and Pickled Ginger • Teriyaki Sauce and Sanbiauzu Sauce • Dashi and Ginger Dipping Sauce • Sushi Oranges WELCOME TO THE CULINARY CLASSROOM *A PRIVATE LOS ANGELES COOKING SCHOOL* WHERE WE TEACH COOKING CLASSES TO THE MASSES CHANGING THE WAY LOS ANGELES EATS, ONE RECIPE AT A TIME Bring your creativity and questions as you explore Cooking and Pastry/Baking to start a new career or impress your friends with your SKILLS as a Master Chef or Pastry Chef 16-Week Master Chef Program – Certification Program 10-Week Master Baking/Pastry Program – Certification Program Recreational Cooking AND Baking Classes Couples Romantic Date Night Dinner Classes 4-Week Culinary Basics Cooking Series 4-Week Healthy Cooking Series Team Building Events for Corporations Private Cooking Parties/Celebrations for Adults KIDS Summer COOKING CAMPS Sizzle and Smooth Savory Seasonings Spice Blends Gift Certificates Available Via Email – The Perfect Gift for ANY Occasion Register On-Line 24 Hours a Day @ Sign up for our Newsletter – we’ll send you Class Listings and Seasonal Recipes! Cook Well, Eat Well and BE Well! With Chef Eric Crowley Convenient Parking/Freeway Close-405/10 1 Block East of Overland, Just North of Pico - Parking Just North of Pico on Overland 2366 PELHAM AVENUE - LOS ANGELES, CA 90064 -- PHONE: 310-470-2640 - FAX: 310-470-2642 WWW.CULINARYCLASSROOM.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/CHEFERICSCULINARYCLASSROOM WWW.TWITTER.COM/CHEFERICCROWLEY WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/CHEFERICSCULINARYCLASSROOM WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/USER/CULINARYCLASSROOM WWW.PINTEREST.COM/CHEFERICSCC

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