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Posted on: 12/05/17



Become a Gestational Carrier and give someone the opportunity to create a family! Compensation starts at $40,000. There is also benefit package which includes the following payments separate from your compensation: • Monthly allowance • Medication start fee • Embryo transfer fee • Maternity clothing allowance • Monthly support group • Support person allowance • Twin compensation (if applicable) • Canceled cycle fee (if applicable) • Physician recommended C-Section (if applicable) • Lost wages (if applicable) • Breast milk allowance (if applicable) • Hysterectomy (if applicable) • Health Insurance coverage • Life insurance Why come with us? • Our agency employees have been surrogates before, they can relate and understand you every step of your journey. • We are available to you 24/7 by phone, text, email. If there is ever a problem you can reach our owner directly at: Kenia German 323.327.5268 • MOST IMPORTANTLY, WE EXPLAIN THE ENTIRE PROCESS/JOURNEY IN DETAIL! AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN AN ACCEPTANCE AGREEMENT WITH US. Meaning if you do not feel we are the right fit, please let us know! We will be completely ok with it. (Please do let us know if you are applying with multiple agencies, that way we can be remember to ask if you’ve been matched with anyone else ?. No need to have insurance, Intended Parents purchase a private insurance policy for you or have other options for coverage for the pregnancy. THE IDEAL CANDIDATE NEEDS TO BE: • A female the ages of 21 to 37 • Have had a child before with no major complications • Have had an overall good pregnancy history • Be height and weight proportionate • Lead a healthy and stable lifestyle • Be a U.S Citizen If you have a concern to why you wouldn't qualify it is best to inquire with one our surrogate coordinators! Just send us your questions to or call us at 949.460.0432 and someone will reply within 24 hours. If you would like to speak to our owner directly, please email her at Over all, EWS is an agency employed by strong powerful women who will guide you and be by your side at any given moment. HOW TO APPLY? Fill out our online application form at: Our application is a one-time submission! Save as you go, or save and return to fill out the application at a later time. One of our surrogate coordinators will contact you within 24 hours to assist you with the beginning of the process and explain in detail what to expect. We are looking forward to meeting you! Apply here: Also stay tuned for our frequent blog post and updates written by our owner and follow our Facebook page at : Or our IG @elitewomensurrogacy Feel free to also visit our website! Xoxo, The Surrogate Program Team at EWS

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