Irrigation Ollas 3 and 2 Gallons - $24 (Long Beach)

Posted on: 01/26/18



PLEASE CALL FIRST TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE THESE PRODUCTS IN OUR SITE 3 Gallons Olla. 15.5" high. 10" wide. Check more of our products at WE PREFER EMAILS AS WE MAY BE SOUTH OF THE BORDER. OR YOU MAY BE ABLE TO FIND US @ 619 488 2771 / 619 335 6679 OLLA IRRIGATION / CLAY IRRIGATION Ollas are non-sealed terracotta jars that are buried next to plants and crops for irrigation. Ollas are filled with water, and plants slowly receive hydration from inside the pot due to pressure that the roots create around the outside. The plant takes only the amount of water it needs to have healthy growth. It has been demonstrated that Ollas irrigation saves at least 40% or more on water usage over the best water irrigation systems available, including drip irrigation. This awesome technology has been used by farmers for millennium, at least 4,000 years in Africa and Asia. We are sure this technology will make a crucial come back in the years to come, especially now that global warming is destabilizing the environment around the planet. Here at Pretty Pots and Beyond, we are committed to give back to the land that has been so graciously giving to us. We design our pots and Ollas of different sizes, per request, to make the best use of water for all kinds of gardens and crops. PRICES ARE RETAIL, BUT WE ARE WHOLESALERS AS WELL. ASK FOR OUR WHOLESALE PRICES -- CALL OR EMAIL VERONICA TO MAKE SURE ITEMS ARE IN STOCK -- 619 488 2771 / 619 335 6679 Search links: garden, plant, earth, pots, flower, outdoor, gardening, maceta, pot, terracota, terra cotta, ceramic, household, casa, jardin, plantas, flores, mexico, craft, arts, handmade, hecho a mano, clay irrigation, olla irrigation, oya irrigation, terracotta irrigation, pottery, planters, cement patio furniture, concrete furniture, patio furniture, cement patio, cement tables, cement benches, furniture, concrete statues, concrete columns, cement statues, water fountains, concrete tables, concrete benches, outdoor tables, outdoor benches, outdoor furniture, fountains, water fountain, water fountains, columns, architectural columns, precast concrete, terracota tile, saltillo tile.

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