$2 135 000 3br $$ 2 848 sqft modest mansion on the hills of LA - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 12/24/17



The House will sell itself. The view is just impeccable, even the pictures aren't doing it justice. It's hard not to feel like a movie start waking up and sleeping to that view on a daily basis. This house is vintage, modern, and classy. It has a touch of a simplicity for the interior making it easy for the eyes. The air you breathe on the hills is rich, away form the traffic smog. It gives you clairity and peace of mind. Perfect house for a celebrity! Perfect house for an artist, doctor, lawyer, & an entrepreneur. This is the best house for someone who has a stressful life/career because you can come to the humble abode and tune in.

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Ad Number: 21178290