Premium Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business - Free 30 Day Trial - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 01/11/18


To protect your company against Ransomware, deleted and corrupted data, you will need a cloud backup solution that is able to secure all your business' critcal data. SherWeb offers an enterprise-grade cloud backup and restore service for continuous protection for all your business data including, laptops, Android devices, PCs, business applications like Office 365, Exchange servers, and more. Why it is Important to Backup your Critcal Data? Mistakes will happen, like accidental deletion or misplaced or lost mobile devices. In case either of these things may happen to someone within your organization, you want to ensure that all important documents are fully protected. Since your data is backed up in a cloud storage off-site, you will have instant access of your data from anywhere at anytime. SherWeb give users the ability to access their loss or stolen devices and wipe-out important data from it. Preventing document on devices from being tampered with. What if a Major Disaster will Strike? You hear it all the time, people closing their business due to power outages, fires, floods, tornadoes, or Ransomware attacks. Cloud data backup ensures business continuity in the case of a disaster. You can still have full access to your critical business data even from outside of the office. Need More Info? CLICK HERE!

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