Swimming Pool Retaining Walls Seismic Retro Foundations Caisson Piles Grading Excavating Demo - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 03/07/18


We have been providing foundation drilling for foundation caissons , retaining wall piles, shoring, swimming pools, soils testing, percolation testing, and slope stabilization in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura Counties for over 30 years. We also drill geology test holes and soils percolation test holes. Limited access drilling rigs are available. We are fully insured and our job sites are OSHA compliant. Our equipment is capable of drilling diameters between 18" to 60" to depths of 72 feet. For jobs with limited access we need a 10' width clearance access and 13.5' in operating height overhead clearance. No matter how large or small your next project is, we're sure you'll benefit from having us on your team. DRILLING, GRADING, EXCAVATION & DEMOLITION Providing hillside drilling for caissons, seepage pits, foundations, retaining walls, temporary shoring, and permanent shoring. Piles, or caissons are engineered to support structures such as foundations, retaining walls, pools, or to stabilize failing hillsides. Drill rigs drill through unstable soil in order to reach bedrock. Steel re-bar cages are placed in to the drilled hole and then it is filled with concrete. Typically grade beam foundations are placed over a grid of piles or a retaining wall is built bearing on a grade beam that is tied to the drilled piles. In San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, we provide the following: PLEASE NOTE: ALL EQUIPMENT COMES WITH THE OPERATOR (give us a call when you are ready for us to start on the job-site.) Caissons Drilling Seismic Retrofitting Friction Piles Foundation Drilling Foundation Repair Concrete Site Work Test Drilling Limited Access Drilling (see above) Excavating Grading Landscaping Demolition Retaining wall piles Build retaining walls In ground Swimming pool excavation Swimming pool demolition In ground Swimming pool builder Slope stabilization Test Holes Shoring Framing Roofing Complete Home Construction Partial and Complete Home Remodeling Room additions New building construction Building additions Small, Medium and Large-scale Commercial and Residential Renovations *****CALL US TODAY***** ******ADOLFO****** ******818-846-1390***** CONTACT US WHEN YOU ARE READY FOR US TO COME IN AND START WORKING ON YOUR PROJECT. (you will need to provide soils reports, plans & drawings for us to review before starting) ALL EQUIPMENT COMES WITH THE OPERATOR. https://youtu.be/u7H4x7TGblQ http://youtu.be/FTDKgiDbL80 http://youtu.be/azi-_6pVOPA http://youtu.be/ixhRRSlF4lU http://youtu.be/tUklnhhWsG0 http://youtu.be/kGhGV8z7_bY http://youtu.be/-NQTPMxqc7o IVAR STREET HOLLYWOOD, CA. http://youtu.be/o2D8X52dJIk http://youtu.be/t9IAXxTMudc http://youtu.be/31BjgzLIzsQ

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