We can STOP your Foreclosure - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 12/29/17


Need to get your home out of foreclosure and stop your trustee sale date fast? We can stop your sale date immediately and keep you in your home for up to 1 year! Are you facing foreclosure/trustee sale? You are not alone , and there is a solution. Are you still waiting on that loan mod approval? We constantly see people who have been doing a trial payment for 6+months, just to find out they "are not approved" and a sale date is issued. If this is you, call immediately and we will review the numbers you submitted to the bank for FREE. We provide free loan modification consultations all time. Are you tired of getting "the run around"? No one likes We will help you get answers FAST Has your Short Sale fallen through? That is a big one. You need an immediate solution. Let us hold off the bank so you can change gears Are you thinking about just walking away? Don't let the banks because you further financial harm down the road by putting a "foreclosure" on your record on top of everything else you have gone through. Do you need more time to "get back on your feet"? We can help you get that time. Our program will buy you up to 36 months Are you a real estate investor about to lose all of your income properties? Then call immediately - we have been helping investors increase their ROI for years. We can help you too.. You are in the right place. Our proven system can help you beat the banks and keep your home. Our program will tie the banks up in administrative red tape that keeps you in your home for up to 3 years. Best of all, you don't make a single mortgage or property tax payment during this entire time Call us now (714) 795-3883

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