90 1 Presentation Close - 15 Min. Sale - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 12/19/17


Introducing the "GO" by Asirvia™. This is the Product You'll Be Selling! The GO is the hottest new advertising product and was created by GOOGLE. This is the same technology Mega Companies like Walmart, Disneyland, McDonalds and many more having been using to promote their products. It is now finally available to small and mid-size companies. The GO Automatically Promotes Businesses and Attracts NEW Customers by Sending Notifications to Every Android Phone and Device (iPhones Coming in January) with a 40 Character Message and Link within a 100 Yard Radius of wherever the GO is! It's Incredible! No one has seen them, so your customers will be instantly intrigued! The GO is a beacon, fits in the palm of your hand, and is easily set up in their back office just by typing in the message and link they want the GO to promote. It's insane! Businesses buy dozens of them at a time. They leave them in stadiums, high traffic department stores, conventions, in their pocket, cars or anywhere there is a flow of people with cell phones. Just Some of Easiest Categories to Sell the GO's Will Include; Real Estate Agents/Rental Communities: Your pitch; Send messages with a link to your open houses! Signs just don't cut it! Agents now put the GO Beacon on the lawn sign, nearby intersections, and of course carry them around with them always on their person. (GO comes with adhesive on it, it’s rain proof, has a 2-year battery life and the device will be replaced for free in 2 years when the battery dies). Place a GO in each of your properties, so that anyone driving by or viewing the property can watch a virtual tour of the listing or be directed to a download link where they can receive a comprehensive property report, and demographics of the area! Your message can lead them to a mortgage payment calculator or a pre-qualification questionnaire or your website and your immediate contact information! SAMPLE MESSAGES 12/3 OPEN HOUSE 174 Daisy Ave 3/2 ? 34 Characters Want to Sell Your Home? Get Top Dollar! ? 39 Characters Rentals from $1,100/mth 2/2 View Today! ? 39 Characters Salons/Barbers: "Your Salon Name - Monday Special 50% OFF" with link to products/services, address, etc. that can capture your client's info, schedule an appointment, direct contact info, specials, etc. Bars/Restaurants: "2 FOR 1 APPS/DRINKS 7-9PM" OR "The Rock Band Tonight 9PM Drink Specials". You can change the messages throughout the day to let people know about your on going specials or promotions. JOB DETAILS: This can be a get out there and present the product and service and /or you can promote the business online, and to businesses that will use the “GO" to sell their own product or service. We will explain this when we speak. We will teach you the entire selling process down to the questions your prospects will ask and the answers to them. You're earning Upfront Commissions and Residual Income. When the customer signs up for the GO service (just like they do their cable/internet bill) you get paid, and then every time your customer pays their monthly bill for the GO's Services, you get a Monthly Override, AND THERE'S ZERO COMPETITION. NONE. It's a 90% 1 Presentation Close - 15 Min. Sale! Once you see the 2-min. video on how it works (the same video you're going to show your prospects) you'll understand why it's such a game changer and why your prospects are going to say "no sh*t, let's do it!" with no consideration, but a few questions on how it works. Get this: 3 GO's are $49/month, 8 GO's are $99/month, 20 GO's are ONLY $240/month. For a small business owner this is PEANUTS, but you get a % of their monthly bill and they never stop paying!! And if you think about it, it's not like you're pitching a product in the 4 figures, so they buy it right then and there, show it to all their friends who are also going to want them too and never stop paying for them and buy more as they get more sales from them. It's a beautiful thing. People leave them in stadiums, malls, conventions; they come with adhesive on the back and you can remotely change the messages in real time. 2 year battery LIFE, water resistant - leave them in the grass next to the entrances to highways and get 10,000 hits to your site!! Not kidding! It's a no brainer not to get them especially since there's a 30-day money back guarantee. So, let's show you the coolest thing since the camera phone! Nothing on the earth is easier to sell, NOTHING! There is a link below to my website where I promote and sell the GO’s. My website also contains 2 amazing videos. The 1st video highlights how the GO’s work and how they can positively impact a business. The 2nd video explains the compensation plan and once you see how quickly you can start making money and build residual long-term income I am sure you will be dying to jump on board. I have completely left my previous career where I was making $10,000 a month to promote and sell this product. I now work 80% from home and I am making more money now than when I was working 60 hours a week driving from appointment to appointment. I am sure you will be dying to jump on board once you have seen what these GO’s can do and how you can get paid to sell them. For those of you who are ready to change your lifestyle after seeing the 2 videos on the GO’s you can scroll down to the bottom of the website just under the compensation plan video and there are 2 tabs. Click on the “Become an Affiliate” tab and follow the steps to join. Once you follow the steps to join you will have your GO beacons sent out to you and before your GO beacons arrive you can start promoting and selling this product online. For those of you that have questions please call David at (805) 708-2032. Please contact me if you become an affiliate as well so I can ensure you get a great jump-start on your business. Before we speak, please familiarize yourself with the GO (beacon) at http://www.asirvia.com/davidescobar7

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