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Posted on: 02/17/18


Who should sign up? ? Our Most Successful Associates "FARM" their own circles of influences to uncover funding needs. The Fact is that Everyone who owns a business or invests in income property and/or commercial real estate needs additional Capital at some time! The Challenge for them and others is finding lenders who are willing to take a risk on them. The reality is that most lenders or brokers only have access to a handful of funding sources. We have over 100 sources and most of the loans we facilitate are to people who were turned down several times before they came to us. Here is the plan in a nutshell! Just go about your normal day and ask those you associate with, are related to, or work with, if they know anyone who is in need of some capital for any business or investment purposes? Use Your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn plus any and all other social media venues to also spread the word. When you are contacted, you simply bring up our website on your phone, PC/Tablet or however you access the Internet and scroll down to the bottom of our HOME Page and fill out the short form, then Submit. We Take it from there. You will be kept in the loop as to their progress and whether or not their loan is approved and actually funds. When it does fund, you get paid a percentage of whatever the company earns in fees for that loan in Perpetuity! All for asking just a few questions and filling out a form that takes LESS than 5 minutes to do. Income Example A: Here is a typical example of how much you can earn from a simple referral for a Commercial Bridge Loan of $750,000. Gross fess earned by our Company would be a minimum of $7,500 on this type and amount of loan, your referral check would total $1,500 (20%) for just doing a simple referral and asking a few questions as you go about you daily business and live your life. Income Example B: Lets look now at another example of a loan totaling $2,000,000 for the refinance of an apartment building: Our Minimum gross fee earned in this scenario example is $20,000 and once you would earn $4,000 just for referring the borrower to us. You do nothing else at all and have the potential to earn HUGE fees and commissions. Just a few referrals a month can earn you an extra six figures a year and we do the work for you. Income Example C: Our short term cash Flow Loans will earn you even more on a much smaller loan amount. The average amount borrowed on these types of loans is $60,000, we earn $4,800 on this type of loan and you would be paid $960 and these loans typically fund in a matter of days, not weeks and months. ? Income Example D: You have a client or friend who needs some heavy equipment or other asset purchases, on a $1,000,000 collateral only loan, we would normally earn $20,000 in gross fees and your commission would be $4,000. Now you see the picture here? The BEST part of all this is that this does not interfere with your current job or any other activity you are normally engaged in during the week or even weekends and holidays! You can literally change your life with this program. Think about what an extra $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 and more each month will mean for you and your financial security as well as that of your families. The MOST Important of all is that all referral fees and renewals are paid in Perpetuity We even pay you a referral fee on borrowers who are referred to us by your original client. You do not have to learn about the loans or underwriting processes, no courses to take or seminars to digest! You just get your referrals name, contact info, how much they need to borrow and for what purpose, then send it to us and we do all the rest. We do the work and you reap the financial benefits! ?Visit our website at Wefinanceamerica.com and click on the Red Banner that says Income opportunity for more info

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