Now Hiring Housekeepers - (Los Angeles)

Posted on: 10/11/17


Looking for sexy, beautiful housekeepers (men and women) to serve all of southern California! ** Must have reliable transportation... ** Must be trustworthy... ** Must be able to travel at least a 20 mile range... ** Resume not required... ** Must be respectful and professional at all times!... ** Cleaning supplies will be provided for you (once), however you are responsible to refill supplies out of your own pocket... ** Since company is new to market.... you will be paid 100% of the service fee for a limited time!! (jobs are minimum $100) ** Onsite training is required for your first full week of 5 days!! ** You are allowed to accept undocumented tips, along with your 70% cut! (you'll begin to receive 100% after the first 5 days of your service provided.) ** Pictures are required: I.E... sexy picture in a nice fitted dress, skirt, or maid uniform,(men: clean button up shirt with dress pants, suit and tie, etc.) cleaning gloves and towel, with you wiping down a counter top or floor (sorta like the image in the ad) send at least two of your best photos doing some light cleaning to the email provided below. (formal attire only) ** If you are interested and meet the requirements please call 818-799-8862

Ad Number: 21099187