Sparkle & Shine Professionals Live In HouseKeeper Available... 818-799-8862 - $1,000 (Long Beach)

Posted on: 01/10/18



**House Cleaning: Occupied or Vacant Sparkle & Shine Professionals work on a 4 step phase: 1. Organizing Service- clear out your closet, drawers, coveys, cabinets, underneath the beds, etc. First we’ll decide together which area of your environment that you want serviced first. (We recommend the most cluttered and outstanding room.) Next, we begin with sorting the like items (together), putting them in totes and/or in their temporary or / permanent location, eradicating items that causes clutter, stress, and misery: old clothes or shoes that you haven’t worn in years, furniture, clutter on top of dressers and desk, underneath tables. The goal is to have everything in its place, to minimize clutter and maximize space, to maintain a healthy, and stress free life style. Right…? 2. Cleaning Service- well put away lingering items, dust, mop, shine, disinfect, etc. Once we have everything sorted out, and we can see the floor again, well wipe away the dust and place the items neatly where they belong. (This would be a good time to throw out trash and unwanted furniture) Now your job is done, we’ll take it from here! ? Next your cleaner will sweep, vacuum, and dust. (This does not include detailed cleaning… light cleaning only during the second phase) We’ll check your fixtures, lighting, electrical, and plumbing to make sure everything is running smoothly We can also decorate or set up your home during phase two. 3. Detailed Cleaning Service- This is a separate service from the organizing and cleaning service This type of cleaning is done thoroughly. Service includes appliances, floors, ceiling fans, vents, baseboards, dusting cabinets, drawers, items, etc. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 in the next “best” room Ask about our other services: Sparkle & Shine Professionals are new arriving and anticipate on servicing you more. Detailed cleaning and organizing is our specialty but we also provide services such as: • Maid Service: qualify for routine service, after your entire home is up to par. • Consulting Service: find out how being neat and organized can improve your daily lives, career, and business... $15 half hour!! • Commercial Properties: we aren’t afraid of cleaning a bigger place!! • Indoor/outdoor window cleaning: We’ll make them sparkle & shine • Wall painting: add a new look to you space!! • Office organizing and decorating: add some craft and color to spice up your work space. • Paper filing: filing paper is a no brainer • Landscaping: our landscape specialist are the best! • And more to come… new arriving!!! Email to inquiry about adding services Tip 1: I know sometimes it can be hard to get rid of your parent’s favorite shirt that they last worn when they were seventeen. I know it was their favorite shirt but they don’t want it anymore and you can’t fit it. What do you do when you’ve had enough of the hoarder? Living life in clutter, with your deceased parents old junk that they probably want you to get rid of now. Don’t continue to live in distress, pick up your mess, and throw away the trash, even those sentimental items that probably aren’t sentimental anymore because you’ve had them for so long. Tip 2: With years of experience, I find that it is easier to begin with the most cluttered room first... Don't put off the job because it seems overwhelming. With our help you will find that it's actually quite easy and exciting to begin organizing years of piles of junk and useless items. On our journey of sorting and filling you will be surprised the simplicity of the process when you have professional and loyal help. **Service is suitable for elite, professionals, business owners, single parents, recovering addicts... ***Before and after photos maybe required for first 100 clients ?? ***Special: Get your Get your kitchen cleaned out and/or bathroom, I'll give you a free massage service after so that you can relax immediately after a freshly neat, clean, and organized home service.*** Email today to meet your helper!!

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